Why rent electric bike on vacation or business trip?

By 25th September 2018 October 29th, 2018 No Comments

Since humans have issues with complex decisions we say just “because”! If that is not good enough for you, read on.

There are lot of benefits in renting an electric bike depending on your needs.
First, lets divide usage in two categories: business & pleasure

If you are business woman/man and you are used to move arround town especially in new city then you know that no matter what, you will get stuck in traffic and loose precious TIME. Sometimes more than one hour. Just for getting somewhere!
That is not exceptable. TIME is No.1 commodity.

Solution is electric vehicle for single person. No sweat at all.
No matter if it is bike or scooter you will get to your meeting in time and more importantly STYLE. Also you will realize that you can do more in given time in any city.

Another benefit is, since there are small and foldable bikes (as our is) on the market, you can be even smarter and mix and match with taxi or public transportation and save money and time regularly.

For tourists, equation is easy. See more “extra” stuff in less time and it is affordable.

We have loads of feedback from customers saying how now they are able to go further and see more museum in much less time with zero hussle, zero trafic jams and 100% experienced fun.

There you have it. Now go and live life to the fullest!