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What to do in Zagreb

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Guide to exploring best Instagram spot in Zagreb (with an E-bike)

Wondering what places to visit in Zagreb? And how you can get there quickly with your e-bike?

Enjoy the breeze in your hair while you visit these unforgettably beautiful spots in the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb. Take some great photos for Instagram too!

Then take a ride to Upper town through Radiceva street to see one of the oldest buildings in Zagreb and one of the most popular tourist spots, St. Mark’s Church dating back from the 13th century.

1) Park Zrinjevac and King Tomislav Square

Park Zrinjevac is one of the most popular places to hang out in Zagreb. It is only a 2 minute ride from the main square Ban Jelacic.

You can grab a coffee to go and relax in the park that has fountains, and sometimes events are going on.

Or if you are feeling active, you can ride right along to King Tomislav Square – only a 2 minute ride
from Park Zrinjevac where you can also enjoy a coffee on the grass or a nearby cafe.

Zrinjevac and Tomislavac are a wonderful place to ride your e-bike. The sidewalks are so smooth and the scenery is amazingly beautiful!
You will be riding your bike and enjoying with a smile on your face while the air breezes through your hair and the stunning architecture makes you feel like you are
on a fairytale ride. 🙂

After seeing these two elegant spots, just a 5 minute ride away is the Botanical garden.

2) Botanical garden

If you enjoy nature and some peace and quiet. Stroll along to Zagreb’s one and only Botanical garden. The entrance is free! Just make sure to check the working hours online. It is not open at all times.

3) St. Mark’s Church and Cathedral

Head back to the main square, Ban Jelacic and take a one minute ride to the Cathedral. Shoot some photos, take a look inside and visit Amelie, a nice coffee shop in Vlaška street, right
under the Cathedral.

3) Maksimir and the Zoo

Just a 15 minute ride from the city center, you will find a huge park that is also located right next to the Zagreb Zoo! It is a great place to enjoy nature, there are many cafes and restaurants nearby A huge park right next to a zoo, a great place to enjoy nature and relax.
There are many restaurants and cafes nearby. It’s only a 15 minute ride from the city center
and it is a great place to ride a bike too.

5) Jarun Lake

A beautiful artifical lake where you can enjoy swimming, riding your e-bike, sunbathing, or visiting the nearby pool that is about 5 minutes from the lake. Also, about a 15 minute ride from the city center.

6) Bundek

Enjoy a stroll around the park, watching ducks and swans and relaxing with a cup of coffee.

Zagreb is a lovely place to enjoy nature and has many cafes and restaurants you can visit along the way.

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