What do I need to rent an e-bike?

In order to rent a bike, we request the following possible deposit options:

One Identification Card for up to 2 e-bikes (National ID, Driver license or passport)


100 EUR – cash/card deposit.

Everyone has to leave a deposit: a credit card + matching government ID will do. Your deposit is not the payment of your rental fee.

Can I make a reservation on your website for the e-bike rental?

Yes. You can use our online booking. For online reservation you will get 10% discount. You can make a reservation by sending your request to rent@ebikezagreb.com

Is it safe to park in Zagreb's streets?

NO! When your rental e-bike gets stolen, you are liable for the damage. Never leave your e-bike alone or parked in street. When you lock your bike properly it is still very likely it will get stolen.

Do you offer group discounts?

We do offer group discounts. Are you planning to rent more than 4 bikes? Please send us your request to rent@ebikezagreb.com so we can give you the best possible offer.

What happens if I return my bike late?

Late rentals will be charged the single day rate for each day beyond the original due date.

What happens when a rental e-bike is damaged during the rental period?

Although not necessarily your fault, you are liable for all damage that occurs to the rented e-bike (or bike), except damage caused by natural wear. Here is damage price list

Do you offer delivery services?

Yes. Place an order and we will quickly deliver the e-bikes and equipment directly to your accommodation, anywhere in Zagreb and its surroundings.

What is type of payment?

Cash (kn -croatian kuna)

Good to know
ID required

Advance reservation is required.

Please treat your rental e-bike as

if it is yours!