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Visit Ban Jelačić Square – Zagreb

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Central focus of modern Zagreb is Ban Jelačić Square (Trg bana Jelačića).
Most of buildings around the square date from the 19th century, and display a variety of architectural styles, from Biedermaier to Art Nouveau and Post-modernism.
Ban Jospip Jelačić stands at the center of Zagereb’s social life and the most popular meeting points are “under the clock” on the west side of the square, and “under the hores’s tail”.

Ban Josip Jelačić
The statue of Ban Josip Jelačić is the work of the Austrian sculptor Anton Fernkorn.

The Mandusevac Fountain – witches meeting point

The Manduševac Fountain was built above a natural spring that provided Zagreb with drinking water right up until the end of the 19th century.
Court records about the persecution of withes mention the spring as the main meeting point. There is also a legend connecting the spring with the name of the city.


One sunny day an old Croatian war leader was returning from battle tiered and thirsty, and ask a beautiful girl Manda to scoop up some water from the spring for him. The Croatian word for to scoop up some water is “zagrabiti”. So the spring got the name after he girl, and the town got the name Zagreb after the scoop of water.